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Take our IQ test, EQ test, Jobs test and General Knowledge test on your mobile phone!

Here is the complete list of the evaluation tests available on this web site. Specialists have taken part in the preparation of each of them.

Calculate Your IQ
Calculate your Intelligence Quotient and get a chance to receive your own personalised intelligence report at the end of the 50-question test.
Take The IQ Expert Challenge
This test has been especially developped for individuals with IQ of 110 or above. It offers more complex questions than those of traditional IQ tests.
Calculate your IQ (for children between 8 and 14 years old)
A 35-minute test specially elaborated by a psychotherapist to evaluate the IQ of children and young teenagers. The problems to solve are specifically adapted to children according to their age.

Calculate Your EQ
The Emotional Quotient measures an individual’s capacity to maximize his personal traits and social skills.
What's Your True Colour?
Colours influence our mood, our behaviour, and thus, our personality. Each individual’s personality can be likened to a specific colour.

What's The Right Job For You?
This test aims to define your job profile by identifying your main personality traits as placed in the work context.
MAPP Motivation Test
Based on forty years of development and success, MAPP provides a unique online assessment that seeks to guide, motivate and empower people to achieve their greatest educational and career potential.
Career Assessment Test
This test was elaborated by professionals; its primary objective is to compare your professional skills with the responsibilities that are portrayed in your job description. In fact, it may turn out that your work duties do not fit with your true potential, your expertise or your personal aspirations.

Test Your General Knowledge
What’s your general knowledge level? This test allows respondents to compare themselves with the rest of the population.
The Big Feng Shui Test
This test will allow you to better understand this centuries-old art form known as Feng Shui. It will reveal how you can use it to your advantage and eliminate certain unhealthy elements present in your life: bad luck, financial problems, relationship issues, etc.

Calculate Your XQ
This enjoyable test will determine your sexuality profile compared to other men or women and will reveal how much you really know about sex.
Who is the Woman of Your Life?
This test will allow you to determine what type of woman is best suited to your profile as a bachelor, to your unique personality and to your singular definition of a “soul mate”.
Who is the Man of Your Life?
This test will allow you to determine what type of man is best suited to your profile as a bachelorette, to your unique personality and to your singular definition of a “soul mate”.

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