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Neil Nair - Canberra - (Australia) Saturday, November 15
I enjoyed doing the IQ tests and was reasonably satisfied with my scores and general score of 110 but I really think that if I had put in just a bit more effort I could have had a higher score which would have improved my general self confidence to a greater level. I think the test was very helpful to myself personally.
Alan K - - () Monday, June 11
I was really surprised by my results. There were areas that I thought I was really bad in, but after taking the test found out I knew more than I thought and was smarter than first thought.
John Winterbotham - Brisbane - (Australia) Wednesday, June 6
When I got the results and read my 20 page report, I couldn't believe how true the results were. I answered the questions truthfully and got the reply I needed. Now all I have to do is meet the girl of my dreams.
Taylor - Brisbane - (Australia) Sunday, November 26
I did the 'what job is right for me' test as I wanted a career change. I had a couple of courses in mind with careers to follow. The test helped me decide what to do. The questions were alot better than other tests, that asked you things you didn't know and was why you were doing the test in the first place. Thanks for your help. My course starts in January and I can't wait:)
Lorraine - - (Australia) Friday, August 25
I enjoyed taking the test and it has certainly highlighted some areas of improvement for me. I think it as very worthwhile.
Scot - - (USA) Tuesday, June 20
I found the types of problems were similar to the MENSA (CTMM/CATTELL B)tests I took over 10 yrs ago (more out of curiosity to see what types of people took these tests)... and the score I got on your test was within the range of what I scored on the MENSA exams: 127-134. I don't think of myself as any "smarter" or better than anyone else.
Rebecca - - (Australia) Tuesday, April 19
I had always wanted to test my IQ and had completed the national IQ test that was on TV. Your IQ test was soo much better and very accurate. I was very happy with the price and the personalised report.
Alyra - - (Australia) Thursday, January 6
The test is quite accurate compared to other tests I have done. I had no problems with the payment solution and the price is fine. All in all, i found no problems with your service, everything ran as it should and i feel the service was worth what I paid.
Narelle - - (Australia) Wednesday, January 5
I found the test on the internet and was interested to find out what my IQ was. Your test was easy to understand and follow the instructions. I really enjoyed doing it and would look foward to doing any other surveys that you wish to send me. Thanks! - Narelle
Mitch - - () Wednesday, November 12
It is very necessary for a person to take an IQ test and I think that this IQ test is just right for what I paid for. The results pretty much speak the truth about my brain. Thanks for the good time I had. Good luck!
Arul - - () Tuesday, December 2
Your test is very well designed. It covered a broad range of intellectually testing topics. The personalized report is relevant to me and it summarized my personality.
Gerardo - - () Wednesday, October 8
I found your test very interesting and probably it describes my self very well. I really have no comments or suggestions to improve it. Thanks.
Fadi - Sydney - () Saturday, September 27
The test was clear and for some reason the result did not surprise me at all. I just have to learn to use my talents more!! :))
Graham - Sydney - (Australia) Thursday, September 25
I recently took an official MENSA test and was rated at 143 on the Cattell B test which according to MENSA puts me in the top 3%, the same results as what I was able to obtain from you. Thanks for the test - it was fun, very comprehensive in terms of answers and explanations and looked basically accurate.
Paula - - () Wednesday, September 17
Your test was thought provoking yet easy to take. The summary report was quite interesting. It is very accurate in relation to my strenghts and weaknesses. I still have the copy I printed. I can think of nothing to add to improve the test you use. I have taken several tests over the internet and yours was the most user friendly.
Joy - Brisbane - (Australia) Saturday, September 6
My daughter and I both took your IQ test. It was especially helpful because I needed to get her professionally tested for a gifted and talented program at school, but I only wanted to do so if she did close enough on your test to the 130 that the school requires on a different test to make it worthwhile. She later took the Wechsler, and scored very close to what she scored on your test. She did get into the GT program, as well. Taking your test gave her the confidence to take the one at the psychologist's office.
Syndersix - Brisbane - (Australia) Tuesday, August 19
The test was challenging and fun, it was very revealing and coincided with my own perceptions of myself in business situations. I think it was well rounded and useful.
Suzanne - Sydney - (Australia) Tuesday, August 19
I really enjoyed taking the iq test and would certainly recommend it to friends. The test was understandable and I was satisfied with the results. I think you could make it a bit harder and longer, but it was fine
Jamal - Adelaide - (Australia) Tuesday, August 19
I truly enjoyed your test and was rather surprised by the results. It's nice to know that I am smart even though I felt I was in a weird way. I can only get better I suppose. Thanks!
BJ - Cairns - () Tuesday, December 9
The results were a pleasant suprise! The report was very informative and explained each topic clearly and effectively.
Oscar - - () Thursday, November 27
Your IQ test was very interesting and easy to use. I was very glad to have encountered your page and have answered your test. The personalized report described me pretty well and I am sure people that know me would agree.
Donna - - () Tuesday, November 25
Your test was very helpful. It held true to what I thought about myself and what others thought of me. I have no further comments on how it can be improved. Thanks for a great time!
Rachel - - () Thursday, November 20
Your test is good. The questions are well constructed and the report is accurate. Thanks.
Christopher - - () Saturday, November 8
The test was interesting and entertaining. The report indicates that I am in the top three percentile and it points out my strongest mental attributes. It also provides some historical figures who possess strenghts similar to mine.
KC - - () Thursday, November 6
I was really amazed at the accuracy of the personality traits report. The test was easy to do and the site was easy to navigate. I can't think of anyway to improve your tests.

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