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  • Whatís IQ?
  • Whatís the proof that this is a serious test?
  • Is this test certified?
  • What must I do if access is denied after paying online?
  • What must I do if the test is interrupted before the 50th question?
  • Do you offer other tests?
  • How can one of the test answers be appealed?
  • If I made mistakes in checking boxes when answering, what is my real IQ?
  • Why pay?
  • How much will the test cost me?
  • If I take the test twice, does my second result count?
  • How does the IQ testís scoring system work?
  • My IQ score is lower (or higher) than I thought it would be. Why?
  • Where can I go to take a supervised IQ test?
  • What is EQ?
  • How do you evaluate General Knowledge level of a person?
  • Which tests do you offer?
  • How do I take an offline EQ Test in real life?
  • What are personalised reports?
  • What must I do if I canít access my personalised report?
  • Can I still buy my personalised report knowing that I have taken the test a month ago?
  • How can I get my code to access my personalised report after the test?

    Whatís IQ?
    IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a general determination of the capacity of individuals to think and reason. An IQ level indicates how one is positioned compared to the majority of individuals in a given age bracket.

    For example, it is said that an adult who obtains a score of 100 has a normal level of intelligence compared to the majority of people. Psychologists have in fact determined that an IQ ranging between 90 and 110 is the norm.

    Since it is difficult to calculate your IQ with extreme precision over the Internet (certain questions can sometimes lead to confusion for certain individuals), the test results that are calculated must be interpreted with a +/-3 margin of error.

    It should also be understood that other factors could affect the results of this test. If you are tired, distracted or feeling ill, your IQ will probably not be correct. Finally, it must be recognised that this test does not, in any way, determine your artistic or manual capabilities, nor can it accurately evaluate your level of general culture.

    This test of your IQ will, however, give you invaluable knowledge of your capacity to reason, find solutions and solve problems. It is undoubtedly a critical component of your success in life.

    Whatís the proof that this is a serious test?
    The statistical results obtained by this test on its first 10,000 respondents are just slightly higher (from 0.8 to 1.2%) than those noted in the general "Calculation of IQ Level" tests organised in colleges, universities, and both specialised and military organisations. Those statistics are detailed in our chapter devoted to the analysis of the results. This variation in favor of an elevated IQ score is explained by the fact that certain respondents took the same test twice in succession. Thus one can be assured of the validity of the test results.

    If you take this test just once, the result will give you a fair estimation (margin of error: -/+3) of your IQ level. Moreover, if you wish to verify the validity of your result, a validation test has been especially designed for those who have already carried out this first test.

    Is this test certified?
    This test has been specially prepared by psychologists and tested with more than 1,000 respondents before it was offered on-line; we had asked certification from a capable international organisation.

    The organisation in question has validated the general tenor of the test but has required us to give it a guarantee concerning the impossibility of candidates cheating during the test. Since access to this service is freely available and anonymous on the Internet, we obviously have no way to guarantee that a candidate will take the test only once.

    What must I do if access is denied after paying online?
    Approximately 1% of the attempts to connect to our services result in denied access. This can occur for several reasons, but generally is a result of simultaneous payment attempts from several users at the same time. In this particular case, you need only to email us your transaction reference which will enable us to authenticate your personal information and verify the validity of your failed online payment. We will give you immediate access to the services as soon as we have completed verification of your failed attempt.

    What must I do if the test is interrupted before the 50th question?
    This test consists of 50 questions. In less than 1% of the time the test is interrupted while being worked on. That can occur as a result of a temporary connection problem attributable to our server or to your Internet provider. In extremely rare cases, there may be some incompatibility with the userís operating system (certain old versions of Mac or PC!).

    If such mishaps occur during your test, you need only to email us your ticket number in order that we can identify your call and carry out a validity check. We guarantee that we will transmit you a new ticket as soon as this validation has been carried out.

    Do you offer other tests?
    Yes, we do. Our mission is to offer as many new interactive tests as possible. Our tests are designed to allow users to evaluate themselves in various disciplines. Such monthly new additions include Calculate Your IQ, Take The IQ Expert Challenge, Calculate your IQ (for children between 8 and 14 years old), Calculate Your EQ, What's Your True Color?, What's The Right Job For You?, Test Your General Knowledge, Calculate Your XQ (Men) and Calculate Your XQ (Women) .

    How can one of the test answers be appealed?
    The IQ test was conceived under the supervision of psychologists. It was tested with more than 10,000 users, and certain questions that often posed problems were replaced. The current version of the test is accurate and correct.

    If, in all good faith, you cannot understand a question, or that our explanation does not satisfy you, do not hesitate to send us a message. Your general score could then be raised by 1, 2 or 3 points, which, in the final analysis, should not appreciably change your IQ level.

    If I made mistakes in checking boxes when answering, what is my real IQ?
    Certain respondents, who are afraid of losing time or who are sometimes nervous during the test, give a wrong answer although they actually had the right one.

    It should be noted that since the IQ test is competitive in nature, the scoring system is reliable when the candidate is relaxed, attentive and feeling well. If you are tired, anxious or under pressure, we recommend that you take the test at a later time.

    Why pay?
    Certain users dispute the fact that our interactive tests are charged for. The added value of this service is real: the content is relevant because professionals in the disciplines concerned created it. Technical support is available 24/7 and is managed by an international call center.

    The cost of access by credit card is about A$ 11.99. The fee is based on a market survey conducted by the Eurobytes agency of nearly 1,765 respondents in June 2001. The respondents overwhelmingly confirmed (78.4%) that they preferred to pay a minor charge (below A$ 3) to access a reliable, fast and quality service as opposed to a similar ad-financed free service that is slower, poorly organised and less stable.

    How much will the test cost me?
    This service charges (A$ 11.99).

    If I take the test twice, does my second result count?
    It is obvious that people who had access to explanations of the errors they made while carrying out the test will obtain a higher result (maximum score) if they take that same test a second time. The principle of self-evaluation works only if candidates do not have prior experience with this type of test.

    It is with this in mind that a second control test was developed, offered in the same format (50 questions in 35 minutes), that takes into account the fact that candidates have already taken part in the first test. In this second test, the principles of deliberation in responding to questions, and the mechanisms for the analysis of identified problems, are somewhat different. They take account of the mental reflex actions of people having taken part in the first test. The required level of intellectual acuity is higher than that required of the first test.

    How does the IQ testís scoring system work?
    In this test, each question (logic, mental calculation, series, equation, association, etc...) scores an equal number of points. The level of difficulty of the questions posed varies substantially from one candidate to another: a question considered to be difficult by a very logical individual may be interpreted as easy by another whose character is less logical but more intuitive. And vice-versaÖ

    My IQ score is lower (or higher) than I thought it would be. Why?
    It is wise to point out that we strongly recommend that respondents not carry out the test if they are tired, distracted or feeling ill. This test of thoughtfulness and concentration requires 35 minutes of undivided attention.

    This test has been especially prepared by psychologists and tested with more than 1,000 respondents before being offered on-line; its validity cannot be questioned. We have since asked for outside certification from two capable international organisations.

    This test is truly valid, but only under the condition that the respondent does not take it twice in succession. In fact, candidates who would pass the test a second time would have the answer list right before their eyes! Indeed, we have taken it upon ourselves to forward to respondents the list of their errors as well as the solutions to those problems. We believe that this seriousness is the best guarantee to candidates who would doubt the scoring system used.

    In addition, it is important to note that we do not retain any files (other than for strictly statistical purposes) on the tests carried out and the results obtained by respondents. It appears to us fundamental indeed to respect the provisions of all laws relating to the confidentiality of personal data.

    Where can I go to take a supervised IQ test?
    Several organisations or independent psychologists can offer people, for profit, evaluations of their intelligence quotient.

    The most reputable international association in this area is, without doubt, Mensa, an international club founded in Oxford in 1946 whose specific objective is to make it possible for intelligent people of all horizons to meet.

    We direct you to the Internet address of Mensa International. As an indicator, the supervised tests cost approximately A$ 55.

    What is EQ?
    EQ or Emotional Quotient measures the emotional intelligence or the capacity of an individual to acknowledge his or her sentiments and that of the others, to account for him or herself and to manage his or her emotions and relationship with others.

    The emotional intelligence includes both distinct and complementary abilities of that of academic intelligence, capacities which are purely cognitive and measured by the IQ. Many people who have abstract intelligence lack the emotional intelligence and end up working for those who have low IQ but have excellent EQ.

    How do you evaluate General Knowledge level of a person?
    The service Calculate your General Knowledge is not a quiz. It is a serious test, laid out by a group of educators and requires exact answers from the respondents by entering them and not choosing from the options given. It is, therefore, neither chance nor luckÖ.

    All the questions appearing in the test have been selected according to the degree of difficulty (from easy to difficult, according to the category given: American History for the US market/ British History for the UK market, Politics, etc.) This standardisation of the levels of difficulty distinguishes the respondents who know nothing about the category from those who have more interest in the topic and from those who mastered it at their own fingertips. Thus, the total of the specific knowledge of the respondent establishes his or her General Knowledge level.

    Which tests do you offer?
    The goal of this site is to offer regularly new interactive tests to allow users to evaluate themselves in different disciplines. New services are launched monthly.

    You can also refer to the complete list of our services by clicking here. The tests, which are mostly taken by our clients are Calculate your IQ, Calculate your EQ, Test your General Knowledge and Whatís the right job for you?

    How do I take an offline EQ Test in real life?
    There exist several independent organisations and private practising psychologists who offer EQ evaluations. We recommend the Q-Metrics company , whose famous test is the EQ Mapģ which has already conducted applicant testing for more than 1,000 international business companies and other interested entities.

    What are personalised reports?
    After finishing the test of 50 questions, after knowing the result and your place in the population, you now have the chance to go further than just a simple test: know more about the test you took and in the process, know yourself better. We offer you on the results page of the test the chance to discover the personalised report of 20-30 pages of your test. The report, based on the difficulties you have encountered while answering the test, establishes a true portrait of your strengths and weaknesses in the discipline concerned.

    Whatever test you take (IQ, EQ, General Knowledge, etc.), you benefit from a precise and detailed comment, which will help you become more aware of your assets and understand the areas you must improve in. We also have suggestions on how to improve your performances in such disciplines. You have the option to purchase the personalised reports.

    What must I do if I canít access my personalised report?
    Most of the time people are not able to access their personalised reports right away because they still have to wait for their personal code to arrive by email. This one, however is sent as soon as the test is finished and the results are shown. It happens that e-mail servers of certain domains (,, etc. ) are overloaded during peak hours of visits.

    If this happens to you, you have to wait for a few moments because most of the time, the e-mail specifying your personal code will arrive in less than 30 minutes after the end of the test.

    Can I still buy my personalised report knowing that I have taken the test a month ago?
    Yes, but take note: we are very strict with the confidentiality of the personal data and the respondents' analyses are systematically deleted after 90 days. After having taken the test, you, therefore have less than 3 months to get the personalised report (otherwise, it will no longer be in our system).

    How can I get my code to access my personalised report after the test?
    After each test, you will receive, by e-mail your personal code, which allows you, if you wish, to access your personalised report about your performance. You must use this personal code to benefit from the detailed study. If you do not receive your personal code within 30 minutes after the test, you must inform us through our technical support about it for the personal code to be sent to you.

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