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  What is your Chinese name?
What Is The Significance Of My Chinese Name?
Have you ever wondered what your name would be like in traditional Chinese characters? In Chinese culture, your name reveals an aspect of your personality and character; it also plays a significant part in your work, family life, status in society, and destiny.

traditional Chinese names are often represented by three characters; the first character represents your family name whilst the next two characters constitute your given name. The practice of using two characters for the given name is still popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore whilst in modern mainland China, the trend is towards using a single character to represent the given name.

Examples of a Chinese names: Chen Lily - Wei Jun Wang

The selection of a given name for a child is carefully thought out by the parents and it is hoped that the child will grow to embody the attributes embued by the chosen name. If parents desire wealth and stability for their child, they might name him or her after a mountain, as mountains are thought to be immense and rich with resources.

With this free Chinese name tool, you can know your own name in traditional Chinese characters and know the names of your family, friends and loved-ones in just a matter of seconds.

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