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Colour Consultant, a Unique Occupation
These consultants are truly professionals, but shouldn’t be confused with interior decorators or even designers. So, what do they really do?
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Are You Living to Work...Or Working to Live?
Here are five tips to help you decrease your stress and increase your efficiency at home and at work.
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What's The Right Job For You?
This test aims to define your job profile by identifying your main personality traits as placed in the work context.

MAPP Motivation Test
Based on forty years of development and success, MAPP provides a unique online assessment that seeks to guide, motivate and empower people to achieve their greatest educational and career potential.

Career Assessment Test
This test was elaborated by professionals; its primary objective is to compare your professional skills with the responsibilities that are portrayed in your job description. In fact, it may turn out that your work duties do not fit with your true potential, your expertise or your personal aspirations.
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What's The Right Job For You?  
Career Assessment Test  

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