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MAGAZINE : Personality

Is Perfectionism a Disease?

According to a Canadian study, perfectionism may be an obstacle in personal growth. Displaying an obsessive urge to do everything perfectly is a condition which may actually be hiding some form of psychological disorder.

This is manic behaviour! According to Canadian researchers in psychology, Paul Hewitt and Gordon Flett, perfectionists are ticking time-bombs that are suppressing serious emotional, relational and physical issues. Depressive behaviours, eating disorders, relational problems and suicidal tendencies are more rampant than we tend to believe. Their unrealistic desire to be perfect hides a deep-rooted cry for help. This is why itís important to diagnose these symptoms before they get out of hand. According to researchers, there are three types of perfectionism: 1. Towards one's self, 2. Towards others, and 3. Those prescribed by societal values.

Perfectionism towards one's self
This is when the subject strives to become the best at something he or she doesnít possess the necessary skills to do, or be the best in everything when in fact that person should focus on one mission only. At work, this could be a person who wishes to take on amazing responsibilities without delegating to others, and who spends significant time fussing over unimportant details. This alarming behaviour feeds a constant state of depression because he or she is unable to successfully handle a task from start to finish.


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