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MAGAZINE : Intelligence

Man: the Most Intelligent Creature on Earth?

Are human beings really the most intelligent species on earth? Some experts disagree with that notion. It would seem that the fastest brain in the world is that of the dolphin. Experts even go as far as stating that Cetacea are not animals in a strict sense, but rather man's equivalent in the water.

According to the American researcher Ken LeVasseur, one would be wrong to believe that mankind is equipped with a higher intelligence. This dolphin specialist even claims to have proven that certain Cetacea—the order of species that includes dolphins, porpoises, and whales—have an intelligence at least equivalent to that of a human adult. Many studies have already shown that dolphins are capable of extraordinary levels of logic and deduction. The biggest IQ star is Phoenix, a female dolphin whose cerebral cortex (the brain's region where reasoning occurs) is 10% larger in volume than man's.

It has also been proven that dolphins can perform complex mental calculations and echolocation is the perfect illustration of this. This is a dolphin's method of sensory perception which enables it to situate itself in its environment, to detect obstacles and to communicate with other dolphins at very long distances. The Cetacea performs this type of mental calculation at a speed far greater than anything capable of the average human. For Ken LeVasseur, this is unquestionable evidence that dolphins do indeed, possess a language.


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