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MAGAZINE : Career/Job

Colour Consultant, a Unique Occupation

These consultants are truly professionals, but shouldn’t be confused with interior decorators or even designers. So, what do they really do?

Colour consultants do not particularly follow the styles and trends created by fashion or textile industries. Their objective is not exactly to please consumers by flattering their looks and telling them what they want to hear. A colour consultant specializes in the physiological and psychological effects that colour have on an individual.

The amazing scope of knowledge that a consultant possesses touches many areas of our lives such as environment, health, safety, marketing or advertising. A consultant will adopt a neutral position which will enable him to appropriately match a colour with the client’s needs. He will first develop what he calls a 'colour program'. A colour program is the precise study of a particular case which aims at explaining and demonstrating the benefits of a particular colour. His work is based on two essential points: what can be improved and what can be reduced.

In a shop for instance, the use of a particular colour can increase sales. In a factory, it can increase productivity; in a school, it can improve students’ concentration, and so on. Likewise, the use of a certain colour can reduce absenteeism in an office, bring the number of accidents at a crossroads down or eliminate the feelings of stress and fatigue caused by highly-populated areas such as a market place for example.


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